SAP SuccessFactors is the global leader in business execution software providecloud-basedhuman capital management (HCM)software solutions using the Software as a service(SaaS) model. It analyse gaps in supply and demand and measures result with planning metrics. It is designed for multiple end users to manage a workforce plan, incorporate forecast data into strategic plans and access key performance indicators.SAP SuccessFactors training teach the entire HR workflow, from talent management to payroll and analytics and keeping HCM strategy future-focused.

SAP SuccessFactors Training Overview

Sap Buzz is specialized in delivering SAP SuccessFactors training. The uniquely designed course curriculum explain introduction to mastery, mastery to EC, JAM and implementation methodology. The key factor is doubts clarification sessions to increase your ability and enhance grip on the subject. Our industry expert trainers assist students to excel in the certification examination and have bright career.

SAP SuccessFactors Training Curriculum

Introduction to Mastery

Success Factors is the global leader in business execution software.In this module,you’ll cover the overview of success factors and different concepts like creating administrators,home page,company info,SAP JAM,reports of classic and adhoc,etc.

  • Learn the products
  • Instance
  • Provisioning explanation
  • Basic company settings in Provisioning
  • Creating administrators
  • Instance basic settings – Passwords
  • Home Page
  • Welcome Menu
  • Company info
  • Employee files
  • Administrator tools
  • Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology
  • Commonly used terms
  • Admin Privileges
  • Setting up company Logos
  • Manage Data User Records
  • Employee Data File
  • Permissions
  • Password Policies
  • Email Notifications
  • Change engine configuration
  • Text Customization in Instance
  • Rating Scales
  • Route Maps
  • Launching forms
  • Employee Profile
  • XML and Data models
  • Pick lists
  • Role Based Permissioning
  • Reporting
  • Set up process dashboards
  • Rating Scale Dashboards
  • Create Interactive Dashboards
  • Reporting Admin
  • Manage Report Permissions
  • List view reports
  • Spotlight view reports
  • Spread sheet reports
  • Classic reports
  • Adhoc reports
  • Final exercise

Compensation Mastery

Learn the introduction of compensation management,provisioning and xml,budgets,stock options and many more are included in this chapter.

  • Prework
  • Compensation Management Introduction
  • Provisioning exercises
  • Discovery and Kickoff
  • Data Ins- tegration
  • Provisioning and XML
  • Comp admin tools
  • Comp Mastery Salary Sheet
  • Executive Review
  • Multi currency review
  • Budgets
  • Bonus Sheet
  • Stock Options
  • Reporting
  • Compensation Statement
  • Admin Maintenance
  • Trouble shooting
  • EC Integration
  • Final exercise

Employee Central Mastery

Know the introduction and basic provision set up exercises,management and associations of data model,overview and objects creation of MDF,Customizing CSF for employee files,functionality of ESS/MSS and so on.

  • Introduction and basic provisioning set up exercises
  • Data models and DTDs
  • Employee Central Structure
  • Data model Management
  • Data model Associations
  • Enable employee central and RBP
  • Update employee details
  • ESS/MSS functionality
  • Understanding security
  • Managing security with RBP
  • EC as a system of record
  • EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
  • Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
  • Creating and modifying associations
  • Propagations
  • Importing users and data
  • Mass Changes
  • Customizing employee files
  • Customizing CSF for employee files
  • Position Management
  • Employee Central Reporting and Integration
  • EC Payroll Integration
  • MDF Overview
  • MDF Objects creation
  • Rules setup, Final Exercise

Time Off

The Time Off functionality is simple and easy to use. It is not a full time management solution, but for managing vacation and leave of absences it provides enough basic functionality to support the process sufficiently.How time off functionality is used in success factors can be learnt in this module.

  • Holidays
  • Holiday Calendars
  • Work schedules
  • Time Type
  • Time Account type
  • Accrual Rules
  • Period End processing rules
  • Postings
  • Time Profiles
  • Managing time off
  • Time Off Calendars