Funds Management component in SAP supports in creating budgets. This component offers all the functions for reproducing the budget structure of the organization in Funds Management. The tasks of Funds Management are to budget all revenues and expenditures for individual responsibility areas, monitor future funds movements in light of the budget available, and prevent budget overruns. You can adapt the budget to changes in conditions by entering releases, supplements, returns, and transfers.

Funds management is an application that allows brand owners to manage the administration, distribution, and consumption of funds. Funds management also allows brand owners to track the state of the money in funds from the time it is budgeted to the time it is paid out to customers and partners. Depending on their authorization rights, partners may also be able to view and manage their funds.

course content

  • Overview
  • Functionality
  • Budget Overview
  • Budget Control System (BCS)
  • Revenue Budgeting
  • Budgeting Process in SAP
  • Describe availability control using BCS
  • Reporting
  • Budget Planning
  • Budget Entry
  • Budget Monitor and Reports
  • Basic Business process for funds management
  • Funds Management is
  • Funds Management is not
  • Funds Management in bit more details
  • Concept of Former Budgeting
  • Concept of Budget Control System (BCS)
  • Features of Former Budgeting vs. Budget Control System
  • Business Benefits of BCS in compare to Former Budgeting
  • Business Benefits