Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail Online Training:

Retail business activities can be successfully automated with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS). Originally QuickSell 2000, the MS RMS system allows for effortless checkout with its point of sale application, successful marketing initiatives with customer relationship management (CRM), and stock level control with inventory management.

Microsoft POS software is best for small to medium-sized retail businesses. The system is customized for most specialty retailers, but not strongly for service and hospitality specialties. Examples of strong specialties include apparel stores, gift stores, furniture stores, office supply stores and book stores. RMS is offered in two different packages. Store Operations is customized for individual retail stores, and Headquarters is best for retailers that operate multiple stores and want to analyze data from one headquarter location.

“Store Operations” includes POS, CRM, inventory control, and employee management applications If users are more focused on reporting and performance analytics, “Headquarters” can access data from all other users

Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail Online Training Course Content

Overview of AX 2012 – Retail Solution Components

  • Retail Communication Framework – Key Components – Retail HQ, Services, POS
  • Organization
  • Legal Entities
  • Operational Entities
  • Organization Hierarchy & Purpose
  • Info Code (Reason Codes)
  • Info code groups
  • Product Creation and Release Management
  • Overview of typical retail product sets
  • Vendor Product Margin Management
  • Dimension groups
  • Item Model Groups
  • Item Groups
  • Category Hierarchies – Retail & Supplementary Hierarchies
  • Variant groups
  • Assortments
  • Assortment Hierarchy purpose
  • Process Assortments Scheduler

Retail Parameters, Scheduler & Shared Parameters.

  • Retail Scheduler Parameter
  • Email Notification Profile
  • Inventory Warehouse Management – Sites, Warehouses & Locations
  • Retail Store

Store Locator Groups

POS Profiles – Offline, Receipt, Functional

Receipt Format

Screen layout

Retail Store POS

POS Registers

  • Button Grid
  • Images
  • Key Board Mapping
  • Hardware / Visual Profiles

* Retail Channels

* Payment method setup

Dynamics AX2012 Retail functional course content

  • Cash Declarations
  • Retail Roles and Permissions
  • Workers
  • Retail Roles Overview
  • POS Permissions and Permission Groups
  • Key Functionality Areas
  • POS Functionality
  • Retail Customers
  • Sales Orders & Quotes Functionality from POS
  • Key Functionality Areas
  • Replenishment Management, Product packages, Replenishment Rules, Buyer’s Push, Cross
  • Docking, Purchase Orders
  • Store Transfers
  • Retail Price Management
  • Retail Price Groups
  • Customer Trade Agreements
  • Customer Price Groups
  • Pricing, Promotions and Discounts
  • Customer Loyalty (HQ Setup)
  • Customer Loyalty from POS
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Gift Cards
  • Kits
  • Channel Database and Data Groups
  • Data Distribution – Retail Scheduler Jobs
  • Retail Sales Upload to HQ (P-Job)
  • Key Functionality Areas
  • Journals
  • Retail Workflows
  • Retail Enquiries
  • Retail Reports